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TAISI, the Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation program, is the new English-based degree program offered by the School of Social Sciences, Waseda University. The aim of the TAISI program is to create “Social Innovators” and to train students to become leaders for social change. As the world continues to globalize and advance, it has become increasingly important that as citizens of the world, students need to not only approach global issues from an international perspective, but also discover and implement more effective, sustainable, and fair solutions to these issues.

Director&Director of photography : JIN ITO
Editor : Takahiro Tsuboi (https://takahirotsuboi.localinfo.jp/)
Music & Acoustic piano : haruka nakamura (https://www.harukanakamura.com/)
Orchestrator : Kazuki Yutani (https://www.facebook.com/kazuki.yutani)
Music Performance : Waseda Alumni Orchestra (volunteer)
Recording / Mixing : Noriaki Watanabe
haruka nakamura Recording Support:Gen Tanabe(https://studiocamelhouse.com/ )
Camera : Hiroya Iwakawa, Daisuke Noda 1st Assistant : Miyabi Oike, Kazeho Ohshima
Color : Masahiro Hasegawa
Mixer : Shuji Komaki (http://recmixs.wixsite.com/2014)
Local coordinator : Masato Nakazawa
Producer : Yuta Sasaki
Executive producer : Daiji Minematsu

Special Recognition : Xanana Gusmão (The first President of East Timor, Waseda University Honorary Doctorate)